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Iíve recently acquired a new weapon in the household Sunday-morning chicken game of "Whoís going to make breakfast?". . . a weekly email newsletter from ex-Boston Globe reporter David Warsh.

David should still have a billet with one of the nationís top dailies, but in the age of Rupert and Clear Channel, thereís no room for his schtick: penetrating analysis of the dismal science at its highest levels. Which is sort of strange, if you think about it. Advances in physics, medicine and, heck, even mathematics quickly find their way into the popular media. Not so in economics, whose upper academic and, at times, policy realms remain opaque.

David pierces the veil. No topic is too small or too large to escape his brief, from the politics of the refereeing process in academic journals to what really went on behind the scenes at the New York Times.

Take a look and sign up. You wonít be sorry.

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