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Eight years ago, after writing two finance books, I swore I'd never produce another one. But shucks, with all the fun we've been having lately, I just couldn't help myself. John Wiley & Sons has published my take on the New Normal, and what it means for investors:

When I wrote The Intelligent Asset Allocator, I thought I was producing a volume for the average investor. Turns out I was wrong: the book's audience was closer to the average electrical engineer. So I tried a little harder and produced The Four Pillars of Investing. Close, but no cigar: still lots of complaints about all the math and graphs.

This time around, the approach is even more down-to-earth. I think that most of my old readers, and perhaps some new ones as well, will find the contents of this work even more readable than the last two.

More to the point, the investment landscape has been so altered that I believe investors will find a fresh perspective useful. The first few chapters are available online, compliments of the good folks at Wiley. And if you just can't help yourself and want to order it online at Amazon.com, then please go ahead, make my day! (Amazon does occasionally run short; in that case, you can order the book at either Barnes and Noble or Borders.)

As always, those of you who do buy the book are hereby deputized into The Investor's Manifesto Typo Police; any one reporting bona fide specimens to tim "at" efficientfrontier.com will receive a metaphorical pat on the back from the author.

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